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No longer able to do catering, we have been closed since November 1st. 

However, free management can be considered for groups / families already formed. There are many constraints (heating, unsuitable self-catering kitchen and obligation to privatize the gîte, etc.) requests will be studied together by telephone. REOPENING SCHEDULED JUNE 10 !!! 

thank you for your understanding

Our measures against the virus

Preamble :


It is undoubtedly useless to fuel the controversy even more… The situation is what it is…

We want to adapt as well as possible for your safety during your stay,

that of the following but also ours  !

  Even if we are rather preserved thanks to the  calm of our village

and the vastness of the natural territories that surround us,  

however, we take things very seriously,

and wish to put in place concrete, pragmatic and appropriate measures;

Here are the highlights.

  • Housekeeping / cleaning  :


What we were already doing ...

For those who know us and who have already come, you know, we are a bit manic… Maybe 16 years in the fire department disinfecting ambulances and others leaves some traces  !!!

- Every morning, our rooms are ventilated and vacuumed . The quilts are shaken and we mop.

- The sanitary facilities (sinks, showers, toilets) are fully cleaned and disinfected .

- The corridors, common areas, dining room, relaxation room are vacuumed and mopped (ditto for the shoe room at the entrance).

- The tables are cleaned with white vinegar after each service.

- The professional kitchen is cleaned and disinfected after each service.

We also always ask our guests to respect simple hygiene measures (do not put backpacks on beds or sofas, no shoes coming from outside in the gîte, etc.).

What we want to add  :

- All switches, door handles, ramps will be disinfected at least twice a day (in the morning, of course and probably at the end of the afternoon, or when everyone is at the table for dessert).

- The interior furniture and handles of the rooms will also be cleaned and disinfected in the morning.

- The rooms will be ventilated for 8 hours between departures and new arrivals.  

- As we decrease our capacity, we will rotate the duvets and pillows:

they will not serve  for at least 32 hours.

  • Our measures  :


- We are reducing our reception capacity.

- The first floor is divisible into 2 (3 bedrooms on each side with a dedicated sanitary block on each wing of the building).

- A family area will be available on the ground floor with  : 1 bedroom 1 bed of 140,  1 bedroom 2 beds of 90 and a bathroom / WC reserved for these two bedrooms.

- The dormitories will be "  privatized  ". You will not share your rooms with other people.

- 1 shower and 1 sink will be allocated to each room (or one sanitary block per group).

As far as possible, the same will be done for the toilets. The only WC that will be shared will be cleaned several times a day (putting up a small sign).

- Provision of soap in the sanitary blocks and the self-catering kitchen.

- Availability of hydroalcoholic gel in strategic places.

- The cooking and the service will be carried out according to the instructions ( masks in particular).

The service can be adapted and in particular served on the plate.

Regarding the beds, as you know, sheets are not provided, and often,

roaming (or in refuge mode), you bring your bag of meat.

However, this seems a little fair to protect you and the following ones.

This is why we are setting up a disposable sheet kit including  :

1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and a pillowcase (pleasant and soft to the touch).


  • Our prices  :


We want to do everything not to increase our prices and stay as fair as possible.

However, as we are going to lower our capacity and privatize the dormitories, we are moving towards a single rate based on that of a double room (namely 2 € more compared to the formula "  dormitory  »Current, whether you have chosen free management, night + breakfast or half-board).

For people staying for several days, we can provide sheets "  fabrics  »Classic and we will only charge one day (ie 4 € / person / stay) (they are washed at 60 °). Of course, those who wish to bring their sheets can continue to do so (only the "  meat bag  Seems too light to protect ourselves from the virus).

Possibility also of sheet kit: 4 € / stay  

In the event that any governmental or prefectural decisions prevent your coming, your deposit will obviously not be cashed.  


  • Activities / services  :


Trek  :

You don't want to take the car and take the busy routes  ?

That  good luck, at the start of the gîte, you have everything you need for all levels  :

- the hamlet of Ailefroide in a loop,

- the Narreyroux valley via the Pissette waterfall,

- the valley of Chambran via the balconies of Vallouise,

- the Pousterle pass,

- the Pointed Rock,

- the Tête d'Amont or the Condamine round trip ...


You want social distancing  ? The territory is immense and we know the small quiet corners ...

Mountain biking  :

Many circuits start from the gîte.

Want to go further  ? The eBike is undoubtedly a solution  ! You book it with our service provider, you do not travel; we go  you look for it and we you  let's bring it back.

We also want to provide a  smartphone / GPS with the Iphigénie application.

We  will lend it to you by the day. You will be able to follow your route with the IGN base map and discover this great application.  

You arrive by train for several days  ? We pick you up from the station.

Possibility also of private shuttles to reach  your hiking departures.  


  • The gestures, our state of mind ...


Tired of hearing about barrier gestures ... of social distancing ...

We will talk about solidarity gestures, judicious spacing ...

And above all, we will use common sense ...

We will always be here to hear the story of your day,

show you the itinerary for the next day, treat a blister ...

We have "  luck  »To be a small structure, which facilitates our approach against this virus ...

But what is certain is that the latter will not make us lose our humor, nor our friendly side,

and even less our love of the mountains.

All this confirms us even in the choices we have made ...

Our short circuits and regional products, our ecological approach towards the labeling of the Ecrins National Park, our pricing policy ...

First and foremost, enrich oneself, share, respect our various universes ...

And show humility in the face of this massif that unites us.

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